Pursuant to House Bill 19-1309: Mobile Home Park Oversight (HB19-1309), which was signed into law by Governor Jared Polis on May 23, 2019, existing mobile home parks located in the state of Colorado are required to register with the Colorado Division of Housing (Division) before February 1, 2020, and to renew their registration annually before the expiration date.

New mobile home parks created after February 1, 2020 are required to register with the Division within three (3) months of the availability of mobile home lots for rent within a new park.

The following definitions and screening questions are intended to help landlords determine whether they need to register a mobile home park with the Division. If you have questions about park registration, you may contact the Division at our toll free number 833.924.1147 or email DOLA_MHPADREP@state.co.us.


For purposes of the Mobile Home Park Act Oversight Program (Program), mobile home and mobile home park are defined as follows.

Mobile Home

"Mobile home" means a single-family dwelling built on a permanent chassis designed for long-term residential occupancy and containing complete electrical, plumbing, and sanitary facilities and designed to be installed in a permanent or semipermanent manner with or without a permanent foundation, which is capable of being drawn over public highways as a unit, or in sections by special permit, or a manufactured home as defined in section 38-29-102 (6) if the manufactured home is situated in a mobile home park. (38-12-201.5(2), C.R.S.)

“Mobile home” as defined pursuant to section 38-12-201.5(2), C.R.S., includes a factory-built residential structure (modular home) if it is situated in a mobile home park, any pre-1976 mobile home, any manufactured home constructed to the federal standards on or after June 15, 1976, or any combination of the three. (8 C.C.R. 1302-15-1.1)

Mobile Home Park

"Mobile home park" or "park" means a parcel of land used for the continuous accommodation of five or more occupied mobile homes and operated for the pecuniary benefit of the owner of the parcel of land, his agents, lessees, or assignees. Mobile home park does not include mobile home subdivisions or property zoned for manufactured home subdivisions. (38-12-201.5(3), C.R.S.)

“Mobile home park” as defined pursuant to section 38-12-201.5(3), C.R.S., does not include a park that rents lots to camper coaches, camper trailers, fifth wheel trailers, motor homes, recreational park trailers, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, or truck campers, unless it also rents space to five (5) or more occupied “mobile homes” as defined by section 38-12-201.5(2), C.R.S., and Rule 1.1 of these rules. (8 C.C.R. 1302-15-1.2)


  1. Is the mobile home park located in the State of Colorado?

  2. Does the mobile home park have five (5) or more occupied mobile homes, as defined above?

  3. If this is a new mobile home park, will the mobile home park have five (5) or more occupied mobile homes, as defined above?